Tree Improvement

Research program:

Tree Improvement Research

Incharge :

Dr. K Rajarajan, Senior Scientist

Lab associate’s :

Ms. Sakshi Sahu (YP-I)

Ms. Varsha Chaturvedi (YP-I)

Mr. Neeraj Rishishwar (Field Assistant)

Mr. Shivam (Field Assistant)

Mr. Dinesh (Lab Assistant)

Mandates/target area:

  • Germplasm collection, conservation and evaluation of multipurpose trees for economic traits
  • Tree genomics for functional trait improvement in multipurpose trees
  • Marker assisted selection of potential tree germplasms

Ongoing project/activities  : 

  • Assessment of genetic potential of neem germplasm for higher kernel and oil yield using molecular markers (Funded by NRAA, New Delhi)
  • Pilot the solutions of chip-based technology for real-time and RFID-passive monitoring of field gene bank and agroforestry species for scaling up
  • Genetic characterization of Neem for high azadirachtin yield

Major achievements   :

  • Identified 11 neem high-yielding germplasms for kernel and oil
  • Through functional genomics approach identified potential genes and pathways involved in drought tolerance of Pognamia pinnata
  • Leucanea collinisii as an alternative species for pulp and fuelwood
  • Genetic characterized Leucaena leucocephala and Pongamia pinnata genotypes for its end uses
  • Studied the teak defoliator herbivory resistance mechanisms

Publications  :

  • K. Rajarajan* and A.K. Handa. Drought stress responses in seedlings of three multipurpose agroforestry trees species of central India.
  • K. Rajarajan . A. R. Uthappa . A. K. Handa . S. B. Chavan . R. Vishnu . A. Shrivastava . A. Handa . M. Rana . S. Sahu . N. Kumar . A. K. Singh . S. Ahmed . M. Rana. Genetic diversity and population structure of Leucaena leucocephala (Lam.) de Wit genotypes using molecular and morphological attributes.
  • K. Rajarajan1. S Sakshi1. M. Rana2. A. Radhakrishna2. R. Vishnu1. H. Anuragi1. A. K. Handa1. A. Arunachalam. Understanding the genetic determinants and population structure of Pongamia pinnata (L.) Pierre for oil yield and its properties using transcriptome derived SSR markers