Mera Gaon - Mera Gaurav (MGMG): My Village - My Pride

An innovative initiative “Mera Gaon Mera Gaurav” has been planned to promote the direct interface of scientists with the farmers to hasten the lab to land process.  The objective of this scheme is to provide farmers with required information, knowledge and advisories on regular basis by adopting villages. The participation of small and marginal farmers in Indian agriculture is very important. Small farmers put forth their desire on various forums to have timely information on investment in agriculture, loans, availability of other basic amenities, market rates, extension activities and facilities provided by different agencies, new research findings and technologies, etc. Presently, various agencies are working in agriculture and farmers are keen to know about the services provided by them. The technologies developed and refined by Research Institutes, Agricultural Universities, private and other organisations are accepted and adopted to various extent by farming community. Therefore, the awareness among farmers about the organisations and their programmes need to be created on regular basis. To be called “Mera Gaon – Mera Gaurav” (My Village – My Pride), the programme seeks to imbibe a sense of ownership among the agricultural scientists of the country. The plantation drive in the MGMG villages was carried out by Scientists of ICAR-CAFRI Jhansi in the selected MGMG villages. The scientists also interacted and created awareness about Agroforestry among the farmers. The list of cluster (5) and villages (16) are as below:
  1. Hastinapur cluster (3 villages- Hastinapur, Karari, Rund Karari) Jhansi, U.P.
  2. Domagor cluster (3 villages-Domagor, Dhikoli, Nayakhers) Jhansi, U.P.
  3. Ganeshgarh cluster (3 villages- Ganeshgarh, Devgarh, Ramgarh) Jhansi, U.P.
  4. Parasai cluster (3 villages- Parasai, Chhatpur, Bachhauni) Jhansi, U.P.
  5. Garhkundar cluster (4 villages- Garhkundar, Dabar, Sakuli, Shivrampur) Niwari. M.P.
Mera Gaon–Mera Gaurav (MGMG) Programme,
ICAR-Central Agroforestry Research Institute, Jhansi-284 003 (U.P.) India
Details of Identified Villages, Nodal Scientist- village cluster & team of Scientists village-wise as on 17.10.2020
Name of the University/ Institute/Station Name of the Village Cluster Nodal Scientist and Team of Scientists Designation Subject/ Specialization Address along with e-mail and Mobile No.
ICAR- Central Agroforestry Research Institute, Jhansi (U.P.) Director, ICAR-Central Agroforestry Research Institute, Near Pahuj Dam, Gwalior Road, Jhansi – 284 003 (U.P.) Email: Phone: 0510-2730214 (O)
Cluster: Hastinapur   Villages 1. Hastinapur 2. Karari 3. RundKarari Block- Badagaon District- Jhansi, U.P. Dr. InderDev Nodal Scientist Principal Scientist Agronomy 8005025000 (M)
Dr.BadreAlam Principal Scientist Plant Physiology 9451937798 (M)
Dr.  Alka Bharati Scientist Agril. Biotechnology 7065250649 (M)
Shri Suresh Ramanan S. Scientist Agroforestry 9149587827 (M)
Cluster: Parasai   Villages 4.Parasai 5.Chhatpur 6.Bachhauni Block- Babina District- Jhansi, U.P. Dr. R.P. Dwivedi Nodal Scientist Principal Scientist Agril. Extension 9450069779 (M)
Shri  Hirdayesh Anuragi Scientist Genetics & Plant Breeding 9574900220 (M)
Mrs. Aswathy Chandrakumar Scientist Agril. Extension 8684882012 (M)
Cluster: Garhkundar   Villages 7. Garhkundar 8. Dabar 9. Sakuli 10. Shivrampur Block- Niwari District-Niwari, M.P. Dr. Sudhir Kumar Nodal Scientist Principal Scientist Horticulture 9452150106 (M)
Dr. R.P. Dwivedi PrincipalScientist Agril. Extension 9450069779 (M)
Dr. Naresh Kumar Senior Scientist Agroforestry 9436838501 (M)
Shri Venkatesh, Y.N. Scientist Agril. Entomology 9742877098 (M)
Miss Priyanka Singh Scientist Agril. Economics 9540100437 (M)
Cluster: Ganeshgarh   Villages 11. Ganesh Garh 12. DevGarh 13. Ramgarh   Block- Babina District- Jhansi, U.P. Dr. A.K. Handa Nodal Scientist Principal Scientist Agroforestry 9415179658 (M)
Dr. Asha Ram Scientist Sr Scale Agronomy 9454682235 (M)
Shri  Vishnu, R. Scientist Agroforestry 9677527702 (M)
Mrs. M. Ashajyothi Scientist Plant Pathology 8431676180 (M)
Cluster: Domagor   Villages 14. Domagor 15. Dhikoli 16.Nayahkera Block- Babina District- Jhansi, U.P. Dr. Rajendra Prasad Nodal Scientist Principal Scientist Soil Science 09454561407 (M)
Dr. R.H. Rizvi Principal Scientist Computer Application 09415113717 (M)
Dr. Sushil Kumar Yadav Scientist Agronomy 09427417083
Dr. K. Rajarajan Scientist Genetics & Plant Breeding 9894599172 (M)
Shri  Sukumar Taria Scientist Plant Physiology 9090096640 (M)