Crash Course on Agroforestry

It has been noticed that there is an increase in the number of students who desire doing short-term internship/dissertation/thesis work in ICAR-CAFRI. In addition, there are already a few who are working with the Institute in various capacities for assisting research activities in the Institute as YPs, JRFs, SRFs, RAs and/or Project Associates, etc.
It has been decided to take up this as a mechanism for Human Resource Development by our Institute so as to capacitate them with agroforestry knowledge and skills so that they act as Ambassadors of agroforestry when they complete their attachment period. Keeping this in view, it has been decided that such incumbents shall have to undergo a 15-day capsule course on a compulsory basis (Course details given in Annexure 1). Mr. Suresh Ramanan, Scientist, ICAR-CAFRI is nominated as Course Coordinator.
All the existing research personnel hired in the Institute/Sponsored Research or Consultancy Projects/AICRPs/AINPs and others and those who are doing their internship/dissertation/thesis work from ICAR-CAFRI.
This process will become a routine, twice a year, depending on the enrollment strength. Eventually, the admissions shall be assigned batch/roll numbers accordingly. The guideline for operationalizing this activity is given below:

  • All those who are chosen as YPs/JRFs/SRFs/RAs and in any other research assignment afresh shall have to submit this course registration form (Annexure 2; available in the Institute website) for this compulsory course within a week of his/her joining the institute. The Course Coordinator shall verify and recommend the students for admission to the course to Chairman, Higher Education Committee who will then forward it to the Director, ICAR-CAFRI for final approval. The registered candidates shall be notified by the Chairman, Higher Education with a copy to Director, ICAR-CAFRI and the Course Coordinator.
  • Once approval is granted, the Course Coordinator shall prepare the timetable for the course in consultation with the Chairman, Higher Education and circulate to the registered candidates. 100% attendance is compulsory. Continuous assessment methods such as quiz, assignments and written test shall be ensured by the Course Coordinator. Upon successful completion, the candidates shall be given a Certificate from ICAR-CAFRI Management.
  • Any others not mentioned here shall be decided with the approval of Director, ICAR-CAFRI.
    This is issued for adoption with immediate effect.
  • Date for next course will be notified.