Training Hostel

ICAR-CAFRI has a well-furnished training hostel with modern amenities such as WiFi, solar-powered geyser, drinking water coolers, CCTV Camera, car parking, etc., situated in a picturesque location of the campus.

The training hostel is located about 11 km from the Jhansi railway station. Private vehicles are available on hire at the Jhansi Junction railway station who charge approximately Rs. 150-200/- to KRISHIVANIKI Institute.


Type of Rooms in the Training Hostel Room

How to apply for Lodging Facility in CAFRI Training Hostel

Sl. No.Room NumberBed capacity
1.A-13 Beds
2.A-22 Beds
3.A-32 Beds
4.D-111 Beds
5.D-215 Beds

Anyone who is interested in taking the provisions of the Training Hostel in CAFRI Campus may kindly apply in the proforma application (Annexure 1) that may be downloaded from the CAFRI website ( or can be obtained by email from the OIC (Guest House) by email ( For details, please see the instructions given in Annexure 2.

COVID Protocol

The incumbents shall show proof of complete vaccination and/or COVID negative report for eligibility of accommodation in the training hostel

Rooms Revised Rent Rates

The rooms rent is fixed based on the council’s order no. F.No.12-4/2023-E&M dated 10.10.2023, the charges (per/bed per day) of the rooms in the training hostel/guest house as:

SI. No. Category AC Bed Room Non-Ac Bed Room
1. Serving and retired officers of NARS (ICAR/SAU) on private visit 300 200
2. Serving and retired officers of NARS (ICAR/ SAU) on official visit 450 300
3. Serving Officers of the Central/State/ Autonomous organizations/PSUs on official or private visit 800 500
4. Private visitors i.e. other than ICAR, SAUs, Central or State Govt. etc. 1000 750
5. Foreign Visitors (SAARC Countries) 2000 1800
6. Foreign Visitors (Other than SAARC Countries) 3000 2500
7. Dormitory per bed* 100 75

For detailed revised rent rate click

*The rate for dormitory bed has been fixed @ Rs. 100/- per bed/day owing to air-conditioning facility.

Boarding Facility

CAFRI Campus has a canteen that provides boarding facilities to the hostelers.

Download the Application and Important Instruction for Allotment of Training Hostel Accommodation