Tissue Culture Laboratory

Research program :

Tree Improvement Research (TIR)

Incharge :

Dr. Hirdayesh Anuragi, Scientist (Genetics and Plant Breeding)

Lab associate’s :


Mandates/target area : 

  • Basic and applied research on tissue culture techniques in agroforestry.
  • Development of cost effective in vitro regeneration protocols for enabling mass production of Quality Planting Material (QPM) for important agroforestry species to facilitate enrichment of tree cover in degraded lands, wastelands, farm lands and trees outside forests
  • Mass multiplication or clonal propagation of improved agroforestry trees
  • Shortening breeding cycle of trees with long juvenile periods
  • Round the year production of planting materials
  • Somaclonal variants with improved timber, fuel, fodder and fruit quality
  • In vitro synthesis of wide range of secondary metabolites
  • Breeding of new varieties and preservation of important germplasm

Ongoing project/activities  : 

In vitro regeneration of multipurpose and medicinally important Butea monosperma Lam. and its assessment for mass propagation of genetically uniform quality planting material’ funded by National Medicinal Plant Board, Ministry of AYUSH, GOI for three years (2022-2025).

Major achievements   :

  • Attempted the in vitro regeneration and multiplication of Bamboo species and Pongamia pinnata
1. Tissue culture laboratory