Indian Society of Agroforestry

The Society was founded during the Golden Jubilee Year celebrations of India’s Independence in July, 1998 with the following objectives:

  • To encourage basic, applied and strategic research in the field of agroforestry.
  • To disseminate knowledge and technology related to agroforestry.
  • To organize & provide facilities for seminars and conferences for agroforestry, scientists, environmentalists, research and development workers and farmers.
  • To encourage close cooperation among organizations having interest in the field of agroforestry.
  • The NAAS Rating of the Journal : 5.19
  • Life members : 512

Indian Society of Agroforestry, organized following national and international symposiums in collaboration with various national and international institutions:

S. No.DatesSymposium /Conferences
111th -13th July, 1998Multipurpose Tree Species for Agroforestry Systems
212th -14th September, 2000Krishivaniki Dwara Prakratic Sansadhano Ka Tikau Prabandhan
37th -9th November, 2003Agroforestry Sustainable Production
416th -18th December, 2006Agroforestry for Livelihood Security, Environment Protection and Biofuel Production
515th – 17th December, 2008Agroforestry Knowledge for Sustainability, Climate Moderation and Challenges Ahead
621st -23rd January,2011Barani Avam Seemit Sinchai Chetro Me KrishiVaniki Tatha Pashupalan-Samasya Va Samadhan
73rd – 5th December, 2011Agroforestry for Environmental Services, Livelihood Security and Climate Resilient Agriculture: Challenges and Opportunities
810th – 14th February,20143rd World Congress on Agroforestry (WCA 2014), New Delhi
93rd-5th December, 2016Agroforestry for environmental challenges, sustainable land use, biodiversity conservation and rural livelihood options
103rd-5th February, 2020Resource Conservation for soil security and Jalshakti: Farmers perspective in Bundelkhand (RCSSJ-2020), ICAR-IISWC RC, Datia (M.P.)

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