Soil Science

Research program :

Carbon and Climate Change Research

Incharge :

Rajendra Prasad (Principal Scientist)

Suresh Ramanan S. (Scientist)

Lab associate’s :

Ram Bahadur (Senior Technical Officer)

Ashok Shukla (Research Associate)

Prashant Singh (Senior Research Fellow)

Mandates/target area : 

  • Characterizations of soil for its physical, chemical and biological properties
  • Analysis of plants samples for nutrients
  • Carbon Sequestration (Biomass and Soil): Mitigating climate change
  • Climate Modelling: Country-wide site suitability for promotion of Agroforestry
  • Ecological Forecasting and Niche Modelling of Trees and Crops: Best suitable agroforestry species/ model for a given region/ locality for farmlands and for restoration of degraded lands

Ongoing project/activities  : 

Institute funded:

  • Influence of Plant Morphological Characteristics on Soil Properties in Agroforestry Systems
  • Assessment of Soil Biological and Biochemical Characters in Predominant Agroforestry based Landuse Systems
  • Text Mining for Assessing Research Trends and Gaps of Agroforestry Perennials: A Big Data Analysis Approach

Externally funded:

  • ICAR Network Project “Harvesting, Processing and Value Addition of Natural Resins and Gums

Major achievements   :

  • Concept/ Framework for assessing soil quality index of agroforestry systems
  • Carbon sequestration and its allocation in different tree-components of agroforestry trees
  • Carbon sequestration potential of existing agroforestry in the country
  • Horizontal and vertical distribution of fine roots in agroforestry
  • P sorption in soil as influenced by canopy pruning of trees in agroforestry

Publications  :

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